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Why You Should Consider Buying A Storage Bed

Why You Should Consider Buying A Storage Bed

One of the bigger problems facing homeowners in Singapore is a lack of floorspace, especially in the main bedroom. Between the bed, wardrobes, and dressing tables, there isn’t much space left for anything else. Having extra drawers for your knick knacks or other items only serve to make the entire space look smaller and more cramped.

Enter the storage bed. An elegant solution to all your bedroom storage woes. Functional and stylish, storage beds in Singapore are a great addition to anyone living in a HDB and should undoubtedly be considered for a number of reasons.

Storage bed Singapore They Help Declutter the Home

1) They Help Declutter the Home

Nobody wants to live in a messy home. Clutter attracts pests, makes it difficult to find the things we need, and can lead to stress and anxiety. A messy home also affects concentration, and with the shift towards hybrid work-from-home models, clutter can start to affect job performance.

Having a storage bed gives you a ready option to put away things neatly and easily. Beds with drawers are excellent places for socks, underwear, handbags, or bed linens. They can also be used to keep odds and ends that you might need around the bedroom, yet don’t want to leave about.

If you have an ottoman style bed that opens up vertically, it’s ideal to store things you don’t use on a daily basis in the space under the mattress. Some ideas include luggages, seasonal clothes, memory boxes, and photo albums. Once put away, you can rest assured that these items needed only a few times a year are kept safe, away from view, and most importantly not cluttering up your living and working space. 

2) Hassle and Dust Free

Sometimes in the course of our busy lives, mess builds up in our homes. Socks get strewn about, handbags end up on doorknobs, and jewellery piles up bedside tables. Once that happens, there’s no way out but to give your house a good once over and clean it thoroughly.

Having a storage bed gives you a few extra cubic feet of space to put away your things quickly, making the tidying process more painless and efficient. Cleaning up becomes less of a chore and more about stashing your stuff under your bed until you need them. Your items are also protected by your mattress and bed frame from dust and grime – especially useful for things you don’t use on a regular basis.

Storage bed Singapore Greater Stability for your Mattress

3) Greater Stability for your Mattress

Storage beds are naturally stronger because the extra drawers add heft and weight to the frame. They are designed to be less likely to buckle or break and provide stability to your mattress. This sturdiness, when paired with the right mattress, helps you get a better night’s sleep and protects your back by ensuring proper spinal alignment.

4) Saves you Money

When compared directly, storage beds might seem more expensive than regular beds. But they’re a worthy investment that can save you money over the long-term. A storage bed means spending less on other storage solutions. They’re also built to last for years while cheaper drawers tend to wear out and have to be replaced. All this while taking up the same amount of space as a regular bed. Talk about returns.

If you hate having a disorganised home or love simple storage solutions, then a storage bed with a mattress is ideal for your lifestyle. They’re practical, sturdy, and offer a myriad of benefits. They also bring a touch of timeless class to any bedroom and contribute to a more minimalist looking home.

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