Buy Bed Frames Online in Singapore

More often than not, we tend to give more focus on the quality of the mattress rather than the bed frame when furnishing our bedroom. We even examine the pillows and bedsheets more closely than the bed frame. This can be attributed to the notion that bed frames in Singapore are already built sturdy. Why bother checking, right? This is one of the reasons why we end up with an unsatisfactory purchase.

While it is true that most manufacturers build their bed frames sturdy, sturdiness is not the only thing you must look for in a bed frame. Do you prefer to read books to fall asleep faster? Then a bed frame with cushioned headboard will be nice to consider. Do you live in a small space? Storage bed frame is the way to go! Here at F31 Furniture, you can find a lot of bed frame designs from our collection that will surely match your needs.

What’s a bed without a strong, sturdy bed frame? Get a bed frame that will last you a long time, one that is provided by F31 Furniture. From wooden frames to steel frames, we got it all for you; looking for a functional bed frame? Browse by Storage Beds. Want to have extra beds and foams? Take a look at our 3-in-1 bed frames. For a more matured, sophisticated feel, come and take a look at our line up of fabric and faux leather frames. The possibilities are endless with F31, Singapore’s best supplier and retailer of all things furniture.

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Finding the Best Bed Frame for Your Bedroom

Making your bedroom into your very own sanctuary is not an irrational luxury, it is a must. Your bedroom is, after all, where you sleep the night away to regain strength for the next day. If your bedroom is not that inviting to sleep in, you will risk the trouble of poor sleep quality. Here are some things to consider when choosing a bed frame that will help make your bedroom cosier:

  • Stick to the Ideal Bed Frame Size

Our bed frame dimensions are made to fit typical local mattress and linen dimensions. Once your bed and other bedroom furnishings are in place, ensure the size of your bed corresponds to the size of your mattress and leaves adequate room for walking.

  • Choose the Right Bed Frame Materials

Many people who buy beds and mattresses prefer metal and wooden bed frames because of their timeless attractiveness and durability. The good news is that upholstered beds have now joined these sturdy wood and metal bed frames at the forefront of fashion.

  • Pick the Bed Frame Which Extras Work For You

When picking a bed frame design, there is a large variety of bed frames to choose from, including simple but exquisite divan beds, gorgeous metal beds, cushioned beds, bunk beds, storage beds, daybeds, and loft beds.

Why Choose Our Bed Frames at F31 Furniture?

Your lovely mattress loses its foundational strength, stability, and style without that exquisitely crafted golden layer, the bed frame underneath it. It is simple to understand why getting a good night’s sleep depends on selecting a bed frame with a sturdy mattress foundation. But if you’ve only just started looking, the choices can be confusing. Here are some reasons why it pays to buy your bed frame at F31 Furniture.


It’s critical to properly weigh your selections and comprehend the quality-to-price ratio. After all, sleep has a huge impact on a variety of elements of our physical and mental health, making it quite vital to our overall well being. You can find a lot of affordable yet quality bed frames here at F31 Furniture.

High-quality Components

It’s recommended to pick a frame constructed mostly of more durable materials, such as a solid wood bed frame or a metal bed frame, for the sake of lifespan. To ensure durability and a long lifespan, we only use high-quality materials to construct all of our bed frames.

Maximum Support

Your mattress needs to be adequately supported from top to bottom by the bed frame. To stabilise the centre, there should be an additional support underneath the bed. We at F31 Furniture can be relied upon to provide bed frames of this quality.


What are the different types of bed frames available?

Common types of bed frames include platform beds, sleigh beds, canopy beds, storage beds, adjustable beds, and traditional bed frames with headboards and footboards.

What materials are bed frames made of?

Bed frames can be made from various materials, including wood, metal, upholstered fabric, or a combination of materials.

Are there bed frames with storage options?

Yes, storage bed frames are available with built-in drawers or compartments, providing extra storage space for bedding, clothing, or other items.