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Sofa Set

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What makes a living room alive? Living room furniture, of course! Get your pick of the best quality furniture at F31’s living room furniture deals. But what basics should you get first before indulging yourself with living room decor and accent decals?

First and foremost, you should get a sofa for you and your family or visitors to sit in and get comfortable with. Sofas have different sizes and capacities, so choose it wisely. You can go for a two seater, a three seater, or an L-shaped sofa that can accommodate at least 4 people. Look for a coffee table next, preferably one that is stained professionally and has multiple storages of shelves to help you organize your things without having to put a huge shelf of random things in your living room. The next thing you should look out for is an area rug if you have hardwood floors or just want a pretty rug welcoming everyone that will enjoy your living room. Is your overhead light not enough? Invest in a good table or floor lamp as lighting does half the magic of lifting up the room. And then finally, we get to decor! Throw pillows, quilts, drapes, the whole nine yards of accenting your living room.


How do I buy furniture for my living room?

You should buy your furniture via a trusted store like F31, a Singapore-based online furniture store. We have the best quality of materials which can last for a very long time.

How often should I buy new living room furniture?

If your furniture is made from quality materials, you should be buying living room furniture every 5 years or so. MNost furniture have a long life gevine that they are well taken care of.

How do you measure a living room for furniture?

Make sure to get the accuracy and measurements of your living room furniture by using a meter stick or a meter coil.

How big should a couch be in a room?

A couch should not take more than half or your living room, as it will look claustrophobic or crammed in. look for small yet function softa at F31’s website.

How do you layout furniture in a small living room?

Depending if it is an open layout, you can start by taking in from the corners and out into the middle of the room. Once you’ve figured it out, come and join us at F31 and get amazing deals.

What type of couch is best for a small living room?

A two-seater and an ottomna can work together for a small living room. Get both of these at the same time with discounts at F31.