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Be mobile and be productive with our kitchen trolleys, provided by F31, Singapore’s leading online furniture shop. So what are the advantages of a kitchen trolley, you may ask. To name some, here’s a handy list for you:


1. Extra kitchen/counter space: Who does not like an extra handy kitchen space? With the right size of the trolley, you can even transform it into a makeshift mini-kitchen table with wheels. An extra counter space for when you are cooking and ingredients are hogging all the solid space.


2. Accessibility: With the trolley’s wheels, you can pretty much bring it everywhere with you, given that the floor space is flat and the wheels are fully functional. Its wheels give it an advantage over fixed tables or counter space as if you need an extra surface to help you with the groceries or handling ingredients, a kitchen trolley is there by your side.


3. Accentuate your kitchen: Make it a kitchen isle, make it into a side table or an end table. With kitchen trolleys, all possibilities are limitless. Need a spruce of life with your kitchen? Throw in a vintage looking trolley and voila, your kitchen gets transformed into something classic with one piece of wheelable furniture.

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What is a kitchen trolley?


A kitchen trolley is a counter sized-flat surface with wheels. Depending on the style, it may have a basket underneath or a cabinet for storing.

What is a kitchen cart used for?


A kitchen cart is used for many things, such as making it into an extra counter space or storage for groceries or kitchen gadgets and supplies.

How do you maintain a kitchen trolley?


A general cleaning of warm water and soap wiped to the surface may suffice for a normal kitchen trolley from Singapore.

How do you install a kitchen trolley?


Most kitchen trolleys don’t require ‘installation’, they have wheels that make them mobile.

How do I get rust off my kitchen trolley?


Rust is caused by oxidation, rust can be removed by rust remover solutions that can be found on the internet.

How long does a kitchen trolley last?


With good maintenance and cleaning, a kitchen trolley can last you for a very long time. Especially if it is from F31, Singapore’s leading furniture online shop.

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