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Get the best sleep you can fall into by buying a mattress from Singapore’s leading online mattress shop, F31 Furniture! Sure, to buy a mattress online can be stressful and expensive but buying from F31 can get you a quality mattress for a competitive price. We have mattress sales going on all day, every day so no pressure.


Cheap mattresses can and will give your spine and back damage by sleeping on or in a wrong position and it will disrupt your sleep by forcing you to toss and turn all night, making your mornings harder than it should be and your nights longer without a peaceful slumber or at the very least, an eight hour sleep. You deserve a good night’s sleep on a mattress that won’t break your back or your bank, choose a mattress that will give you that sleep where you are as peaceful as a baby. Choose your mattress wisely, choose F31 Furniture.

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Honey Foldable Mattress

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