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How To Choose The Ideal Dining Table For Your Home

How To Choose The Ideal Dining Table For Your Home

The dining table is an essential part of every home where delicious meals are served and consumed over a session of bonding and laughter. It even doubles as a work desk for adults to get productive or for students to study. This versatility makes it an important piece of furniture, hence finding the right dining set in the most suitable material, shape, and size, is crucial. If you are having a hard time narrowing down your options, we share some tips to help you make your choice. 

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1) Take Measurements

The dining table has to fit within your dining area but not take up too much space as you’ll have to cater clearance for your chairs and for movement. Before you begin searching for a table, measure the amount of space you have to determine the maximum dining table and dining chair size you can get.

Take Measurements-Dining Set Singapore

A good rule of thumb is to leave at least 90 cm between the back of the dining chairs and the wall or any other furniture pieces. This is to ensure that one can get in and out of the area easily without having to squeeze their way through. The movement of your arms while you dine should be factored in too; if space allows, consider purchasing larger tables so that you do not have to deal with mobility issues while eating. 

2) Consider the Table Shape

Square and rectangular dining tables are the most common shapes available and are the easiest to style. However, not all homes can accommodate them well. For small or square-shaped dining rooms, a round, oval, or square table gives you more space to move around without compromising surface area. Square tables are also excellent options for an intimate dining experience with a small group of friends or family as larger tables can make the space look cold. If you have a tight, rectangular dining area, however, opt for long, oval tables, or rectangular ones. 

3) Pay Attention to the Base

The base of the dining table chosen has an effect on how many people you can seat as it may invade your leg space and make dining uncomfortable or prevent you from adding chairs. When choosing your dining table, we recommend sitting at the table to check for any obstructions. Those with legs placed at the corners make it easier to squeeze extra chairs into the space, however, people won’t be able to sit at the corners comfortably. Tables with a centre base, such as a pedestal or trestle table, offers flexibility to add more people. 

4) Check for Durability 

A good dining table is a well constructed one that’s sturdy enough to withstand moisture, heat, and abrasive materials, and last you many years of use. In order to achieve that level of durability, the material and finish used should be of decent quality. There are two things you’ll need to consider when selecting a durable dining table. 

Firstly, its construction. Pay attention to the joinery—an industry jargon for the areas where the base and tabletop fit together—and check whether the pieces are joined directly without attachments, hooks, or screws. This is because too many of these external metals can weaken the material and sabotage its structural integrity. 

Secondly, the table material and finish. Solid wood is a classic material that has been used to construct many dining tables since centuries ago. They are highly durable and easy to repair, and complement all sorts of interiors. But wood is a naturally porous material, hence they have to be coated or refinished regularly to protect against heat or moisture damage.

The same applies to marble dining tables; they are made to last and possess natural aesthetic properties that elevate the room they are placed in. However, marble dining tables must be coated with a finish to protect their porous structure.

If you’re looking for an extremely strong dining set capable of withstanding multiple forms of damage, consider sintered stone—a solid impenetrable material made through heating and bonding together various minerals.

Dining Set Singapore Durability Dining Table

Finding a suitable dining table for your home does not have to be a stressful task. With a bit of meticulous planning, you’ll be able to snag one that fits your interior and meets your needs.

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