4 Important Pieces Of Furniture To Plan A Perfect Gathering

Many modern Singapore homes are also starting to adopt an open-concept layout, combining both the kitchen and dining set into the same space. This allows for a better use of overall floor space by doing away with walls, while also creating a more unified theme for the whole house. In addition, it helps to facilitate better conversation and engagement between guests and hosts, even as they take time to prepare meals in the kitchen.

2. Kitchen Cabinets

Much more than just for storing cutlery and glassware, kitchen cabinets play an important role in Singapore homes. There are many types of cabinets to choose from, such as inset cabinets that feature cabinet doors set into the frame and giving a more elegant feel; to overlay cabinets that have the doors set outside the frame. Other options include glass panels within cabinet doors to display fine cutlery, as well as a variety of sturdy tops to display or place decorations on top of the cabinets.

For homeowners with a higher budget, they can also commission custom cabinets to their desired material and designs, letting them own a truly unique piece of furniture to complement their kitchen. In addition, kitchen island cabinets are growing in popularity in Singapore, due to their freestanding nature of allowing both storage as well as people to gather around and dine in comfort, with help from furniture such as bar stools.

3. Kitchen Trolley

For serious chefs and hosts, a kitchen trolley is an invaluable addition to your Singapore home. They save you the hassle of moving large volumes of cutlery to and from the kitchen, as well as offering a sturdy top to chop ingredients in front of your guests. Many also feature pull-out tops to stash your collection of knives, as well as racks to place bowls or glassware. A good kitchen trolley combines functionality with practicality, with a range of aesthetics such as a full metal design for an industrial style, to a rustic wooden design that complements a wooden dining set.

4. Bar Furniture

For aspiring bartenders, a proper set of bar furniture goes a long way to helping your guests enjoy their cocktails in comfort and style. There are a variety of bar stools available, ranging from classic padded square stools, to rounded swivel stools with adjustable heights, making them ideal for a wide range of setups. They also complement kitchen cabinets such as kitchen islands, which provide a solid space to place drinks and snacks, such as cheese platters. Bar tables also allow you to display your bar tools and stash glassware, making it convenient for you to whip up a drink at a moment’s notice.

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