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Why You Should Consider A Modular Wardrobe For Your Bedroom

wooden Modular wardrobe in singapore

If you’ve been furniture shopping, you’ll realise it can often be challenging to purchase a wardrobe that suits your needs. Most freestanding wardrobes come in standard sizes limiting your design options, and do not offer the choice of customising it according to the interior of your home. Modular wardrobes on the other hand consist of segmented units which are made to order. Customised and assembled to fit every specific need of the customer, modular wardrobes have gained immense popularity in Singapore due to the high utility and convenience it brings. Read on to learn more if you are in search of a bedroom modular wardrobe that suits your interior design and needs.

Smart usage of space

Modular wardrobes can save you space by fitting into your bedrooms perfectly, unlike free-standing wardrobes that often might not fit well. It can be custom-designed based on the size of your bedroom, and configured with drawers, shelves, and hanging space specifically designed with your lifestyle in mind. You get to also dispense with having an extra chest of drawers by utilising those in your wardrobe. Intelligent use of the interior space will free up other space in your bedroom, creating a lighter, more spacious feeling.

Custom-designed to suit your style and everyday needs

wooden Bedroom modular wardrobe in singapore

Modular wardrobes are a godsend to modern, contemporary homes. As the popularity of modular wardrobes in Singapore has grown, so has the choice of materials and colours available, providing many options in design. From muted white doors to mirrored doors, patterns or geometric designs, you get to personalise literally every aspect of your bedroom modular wardrobe

Helps keep your bedroom clutter free

modern Modular wardrobe in singapore

As space becomes more of a premium than ever before, modular wardrobes work to provide fantastically creative storage solutions for any size of bedroom. Usually coming in a 2,3 or 4 door format, choose either sliding or swing doors, and special pull out trays for jewellery, belts or ties, all without compromising on space or organisation. 

Saves you time when getting ready

Instead of hunting through chests of drawers and cramped wardrobes to find what you’re looking for, you can actually get dressed more efficiently because everything you have is now in its rightful place, ready to be worn. Say goodbye to clutter and crumpled clothes!

Easy to clean and maintain

Cleaning wardrobes is always a painstaking task, but modular wardrobes make it a much easier cleaning process since it has very discrete racks and clothes hangers. In the case of a free-standing wardrobe, the cleaning becomes more of a challenge if there are gaps underneath and below the ceiling of the room which can accumulate  dust and cobwebs.

The drawback with traditional free-standing wardrobes is that you can’t really add to them if your space requirements change. A modular wardrobe on the other hand, is lightweight and flexible in configuration both internally and externally, all without breaking the bank, providing infinite possibilities when it comes to planning your space.

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