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Why A Shoe Cabinet Is A Vital Piece Of Living Room Furniture

Why A Shoe Cabinet Is A Vital Piece Of Living Room Furniture

The unsung hero of home furniture has to be the humble shoe cabinet. Unassuming and usually relegated to a corner of the house, it serves an important function while often being overlooked.

Many of us who own a shoe cabinet in Singapore take it for granted and may not realise what it brings to the household. When properly chosen, a shoe cabinet can be a stylish piece of living room furniture that complements your overall home aesthetic while being extremely functional.

Shoe cabinet Singapore Protects Footwear from the Environment

1. Protects Footwear from the Environment

The shoes you wear to work every day probably won’t accumulate dust. But what about those special heels you only take out a few times a year? Or the dress shoes you bust out for weddings and other special occasions?

Without a proper shoe cabinet, the footwear that doesn’t always get used often is exposed to the elements. This might seem like a minor detail until you find yourself having to brush down an expensive pair of dress shoes to remove that layer of dust just as you’re rushing for an important event like a job interview.

Beyond dust, a shoe cabinet also protects from accidental scuffing, so you don’t need to worry about your expensive sneakers getting ruined. Leather shoes are also prone to fading, discolouring, drying, and cracking if left out and exposed to direct sunlight. Wooden shoe cabinets provide a cool, safe place for your shoes to rest undisturbed until you need them.

2. Saves Time

If you don’t own a cabinet or a shoe rack in Singapore, chances are you’ve stashed your footwear away safely. Perhaps under your bed or in your closet. That’s all fine and dandy until the day arrives where you’ve forgotten exactly where you’ve put those stiletto heels that you absolutely must wear for date night.

Having a well-organised shoe rack or cabinet can save you valuable time when you’re in a rush. With all your footwear in one place, you never need to look elsewhere or search through the house to find exactly what you need.

Since shoe cabinets come in many different sizes and shapes, it’s easy to find one that exactly fits your needs. If you find that you have a lot of shoes, a tall shoe cabinet that has more capacity would be perfect. If you only have a few and are short on space, then a simple shoe rack can do the trick.

Shoe cabinet Singapore Takes Up Less Floor Space

3. Takes Up Less Floor Space

Some people might need more convincing of the utility of having a shoe cabinet. After all, wouldn’t having no shoe cabinet save even more space? Why spend the money on one when you can just leave your shoes lying about?

It might seem counter-intuitive, but investing in a cabinet or a rack as a piece of living room furniture might actually save you more space. For one thing, a shoe cabinet also gives you a place to put things at the top. It could be a bowl for your keys, a mirror to check your reflection, or it could even serve as a spot for you to sit down and put on your shoes in the morning.

Shoe cabinets are also usually in the corner where they take advantage of unused space. In contrast, leaving shoes lying about might end up taking up more space if they are placed haphazardly.

4. Ensure Your Living Room Looks Clean and Organised

Clutter is the bane of many a homeowners’ existence. It looks unsightly and even provides hiding spaces for pests. If you’re on a path to being more organised, getting the right furniture for putting away clutter will certainly contribute towards your goal.

A wooden shoe cabinet definitely fits the bill. They nestle right into the corner spaces and all your footwear can be contained inside, making your entire house look more minimal and clutter-free.

So those are all the reasons why a shoe cabinet is so vitally important for any homeowner. In fact, we’d go as far as to say that no home is complete without it. Though they’re not as flashy as a TV console or a dining table, they’re just as essential and should definitely be considered when designing a house.

Looking for a tall shoe cabinet in Singapore that’s just right for your living room? View our online furniture catalogue or contact us with your queries.

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