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Top 4 Factors To Consider Before Buying A Bed Frame

Factors To Consider Before Buying A Bed Frame

Many Singaporeans are often willing to go to great lengths to hunt down the ideal mattress that best fits their sleeping needs. However, this level of care cannot be said when it comes to choosing the bed frame. While mattress quality remains the primary attribute to achieving a good night’s sleep, avoid underestimating the fundamental role your bed frame plays, as it is the central support system for your bed.

Gradually, your mattress may sag from the constant pressure from your body weight. A durable bed frame will ensure the mattress remains firmly in place, providing your body with the lasting support it needs to attain a restful slumber. However, choosing the right bed frame involves various factors. To help you get started, let us examine the four things you must consider before making a purchase.

Factor #1: Mattress size

Your ideal bed frame should provide ample support and be a snug fit for your mattress, preventing any awkward overhang or undersized gap. Fortunately, selecting the correct bed frame size can be a straightforward affair if you already have a dream bed in mind. Just refer to your mattress as a sizing guide.

Ultimately, your bed frame should be a perfect fit for your bed. Whether you have a super single or queen-sized mattress, matching it with the appropriate bed frame sizing helps ensure a harmonious and visually appealing bedroom ensemble. You also need not worry about your mattress shifting or sliding when you toss and turn in bed, disrupting your beauty sleep.

Factor #2: Bedroom size

A person Measuring the Floor Space of a Bedroom

If you are purchasing a brand-new bed consisting of a mattress and bed frame, your sizing considerations must differ. While it can be tempting to buy a king-sized mattress for greater comfort, you should consider your bedroom size. Ideally, you want to leave ample space (around two to three feet) around your bed on the sides and end to give you sufficient room to navigate your bedroom freely.

So, measure the floor space of your bedroom and compare it against the bed you intend to purchase. Doing so will give you an estimated idea of how it will fit in your room. The bed frame and headboard will add a few inches to the bed beyond the mattress dimensions, so remember to keep this in mind.

Factor #3: Additional features you need

Your ideal bed frame should offer both form and function, providing additional features that match your needs perfectly while complementing your bedroom decor. For instance, those with a compact bedroom may want a bed with storage to declutter their bedrooms, transforming the place into a tidy sanctuary conducive to rest and relaxation.

These storage bed frames can seamlessly blend style with utility, allowing users to reduce the number of space-consuming storage cabinets they need in their bedrooms. As a result, they offer a practical solution to those who appreciate an organised and clutter-free bedroom.

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Factor #4: The support type you require

A person Sitting on a Soft Mattress

Every bed requires ample support beneath them to prolong their lifespans. Without a suitable foundation, your mattress will sag and wear prematurely, causing you to sleep in awkward and uncomfortable positions to accommodate the lack of support. Subsequently, the experience can result in you waking up with sore muscles and joints in the morning.

So, how do you choose the correct support type for your bed frame? Generally, the two most popular options are platform beds and box springs. We recommend choosing the former for its firmness, as the platform bed’s flat surface can help relieve any stiffness from poor spinal alignment during sleep and promote better sleep posture.

Buying a new bed frame may seem like a simple afterthought until you start shopping and discover the various selections available. Fortunately, knowing what you do now can help you spot your ideal bed frame, allowing you to narrow your options.

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