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The Undeniable Advantages of Having a Bedside Table in Your Bedroom

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What do most people envision when they think of a bedroom? They think about the bed, pillows, a wardrobe, and maybe a loose pair of shoes lying around. However, only a few homeowners consider getting bedroom side tables in Singapore. Every bedroom worth its salt must have a bed and at least one bedside table. From providing a surface for your lamp, storing your bedtime essentials, and adding a touch of luxury and style to your décor, your bedside table can make a significant difference in your daily routine. Wondering how? Well, here’s a guide! 

1. Make Your Space Clutter-Free

For one, your bedside table can be a convenient repository for the items you may need close at hand while resting. Whether we are talking about your current favourite books, reading glasses, medications, or essential electronic devices like your phone charger or headset, bedside tables are one of those compact furniture pieces that provide a designated spot for storing nighttime essentials. You can keep all your essentials neatly organised and easily accessible on a stylish table that maintains a clutter-free environment conducive to relaxation and restful sleep.

2. Aesthetic Enhancement

Beyond its practical utility, a well-chosen bedside table can also be a part of your bedroom’s visual harmony. From the designers’ POV, these tables add depth and dimension to your bedroom. Whether you opt for a sleek, modern design or a rustic vintage aesthetic, the bedside table can be a stylish accent piece that complements your existing décor scheme. We would suggest you get a bedside table this instant if you want to integrate a layer of sophistication and completeness into the room while imbuing it with a sense of cohesiveness. 

3. Personalisation

Yes, when you have a bedside table, you don’t have to get up whenever you need a glass of water or medicine. You get an interruption-free sleep schedule and a better night’s sleep when you have everything handy. However, did you know bedside tables can also be bought according to your preferences? Whether you prioritise functionality, aesthetics, or a blend of both, you can get bedside tables according to your unique taste and requirements. 

4. Practical Utility

Your bedside table can provide a stable surface for placing bedside lamps, alarm clocks, and other essential items within arm’s reach. Moreover, some bedside tables feature built-in drawers or shelves that further enhance their functionality, allowing for discreet storage of personal belongings while maximising space efficiency.


There’s no denying that your bed forms the focal point of your bedroom. However, having a bedside table or nightstand is imperative to make your bedroom clutter-free and save the trouble of waking up every time you need specs for a nighttime read or the essentials you need before sleeping. You can get a bedside table in Singapore to place night lamps and bedtime essentials by your bed or keep them to make your bedroom look more sophisticated. The choice is yours. Looking for the perfect side table in Singapore for your bedroom? Find it at F31 today!