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King Koil is a leading brand originating in the United States and was founded in 1898. Now in 2017, the King Koil brand has grown globally to over 90 countries Koil King Koil has received many prestigious recognition including the confirmation from the International Chiropractors Association ( ICA) and the Foundation for Chiropractic Education and Research (FCER)

Pocketed Coil Foundation for Chiropractic Education and Research (FCER) has been designed to provide full support while reducing mobility. Each has been individually wrapped in fabric sheets and works independently of each other This design allows every spring of this pocket to act fast according to the movement of your body's contour.

CHIROPRACTIC COIL Chiropractic Coil is the kiding and most famous spring system. This system offers great comfort and support and it has been confirmed by the International Chiropractors AssociationS, which helps in the mattress design of the Coil King Koil.

SUPPORT TRI-ZONE SUPPORT This Tri-Zone support unit is designed to provide additional support to the lumbar support section, for back and shoulder support All you need for a restful and comfortable sleep Central mid of spring swing with contours of individual

ANTI-HAMA BOUTIQUE Using 100% anti-hammock hobuk fabric it can prevent strong infections and hangs adequately without any worries about asthma and allergic dermatitis by blocking the drug, pest food,

SANITIZED rebate Fabric that provides fungal cleansing provides a unique protection against the unique packaging against bacterial and fungal propagation Anti-microbial agents deep within the mattress fiber provide protection only full cover of

COIRTEX FIBER SILULADI High quality fiberglass and give a stronger

* Endorsed By ICA

* Turn Free

* Coirtex Natural Fiber

* Tri Zone Support

* Anti Dust Mite

* 15 years Warranty

* Sanitized 

* Bedframe Not Inculed


* Single 91cm x 190cm x 33cm

* Super Single :107cm x 190cm x 33cm

* Queen :152cm x 190cm x 33cm

* King : 183cm x 190cm x 33cm

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