How to Choose the Right Size of Single Bed for Your Space?

After an exhausting day at work or an enthralling weekend with friends, where do you resort to for relaxation? The answer is your bed. Your bed is your sanctuary to unwind and recharge, and if you want to enjoy a restful night’s sleep, tossing and turning with your feet dangling off the bed won’t work out. You can’t buy a bed that’s too small, but in Singapore’s dynamic real estate market, where every square foot counts, you cannot splurge too much money to get a king-sized bedroom. Then how do you choose the perfect single bed size in Singapore? Well, fret not; we have some tips to get you covered!

1. Measure Your Space

Before selecting a single bed, the first step you need to take is to measure your room accurately. Consider the dimensions of your room, including the length, width and ceiling height, and factor in any additional furniture or fixtures to ensure your bed fits comfortably without overcrowding your space. In addition, consider the layout of the doors, windows, and other architectural features so that the bed placement doesn’t obstruct these details.

2. Understand the Dimensions

Single beds come in different sizes, with dimensions varying by region. A standard single bed in Singapore can vary from 39×75 inches to 90×190 inches. Understand the dimensions you need and the space constraints of your bedroom to determine which size is suitable for your space and which bed fits perfectly without overwhelming the aesthetics or functionality of the room.

3. Consider Who Will Use the Bed

Another vital factor you need to consider is the intended user. If the bed is for a child or teenager, a standard single bed might suffice, but if it is for an adult or a taller individual, you might need an extended single bed. In addition, consider the user’s sleeping habits and preferences, such as whether they tend to move around a lot during sleep, so you can get a bed sized accordingly.

4. Assess Comfort Needs

Consider factors such as mattress thickness, firmness level, and the overall design of the bed frame. If possible, test out different mattress sizes and styles to determine which offers the best comfort and support for your needs.

5. Evaluate Storage Options:

Choosing a single bed with built-in storage in rooms with limited space can help maximise functionality. Consider options such as platform beds with drawers underneath or beds with storage compartments in the headboard or footboard to reduce clutter and keep your room tidy.


Now you know how to find the right single bed size for your space. However, there are other factors that you need to consider, along with your super single bed size in Singapore. For one, you need to consider the quality of the materials, the delivery time, assembly, and, of course, the cost of the bed. Looking for a single bed within your budget in Singapore? Find one at F31.SG. For more information or to make a purchase, visit our website today!