Honey- Grand Platinum

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  The Combination of the Finest Latex, Teflon fabric and 5 zoned Pocketed Spring System, all you can find in it. Honey Grand Platinum ensure you invest your money in to a mattress that's made to last. offering comfort, support and durability for years to come



Width   : 153 cm (Queen) / 183 cm (king)

Length : 190 cm

Height  : 30 cm


Teflon Fabric Features:

  • Keeps water and oil from being easily absorbed by the fabric
  • effective repels stains and dirt from fabric
  • water and oil-based stains bead up on the surface
  • Liquids remain on the surface and can easily be wiped away


Finest Latex Features:

  • Reduces Tossing & Turning by Eliminating Pressure Points
  • Weightless, Buoyant, Feather like Feel & No motion transfer
  • Free of Harmful Toxins & Chemicals
  • Naturally Anti-Microbial & Dust Mite Resistant
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Balance Temperature & Naturally Adjusts to the Seasons
  • Naturally Durable & Resilient


Maximum Support to 5 Key Location/Zones of the body

Respond to weight and the Shape of human body

5 Area Head, Shoulders, Back, Hips, Legs

 Ref: Image 3


2. Polyurethane Foam

3.5 Zone Pocket Spring

4.Polyurethane Foam

5.HLD Edge Protection

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