We all want to enjoy a good night’s rest after a long day of work, errands, or activities. Investing in a good mattress is a good choice that benefits you in the long run, and it doesn’t always have to break the bank. Especially in this period where testing out mattresses isn’t always an option, here are some tips on what to consider when buying a mattress online in Singapore.


Firstly, decide on a mattress size that fits your needs. You might prefer a single-sized mattress to save space, upgrade to a super-single for extra personal space, or pick a king-sized mattress for ample space with your other half. Do take the time to measure the dimensions of your desired mattress, your bedroom layout and floor space, plus the hallways and door frames in your home. The last thing you’d want is to buy your dream mattress, only to find it cannot fit in your room without some major furniture rearrangement.


Secondly, consider your available budget. Mattress prices in Singapore vary widely, ranging from as low as above $100 when buying mattresses online in Singapore, to thousands of dollars for premium mattress brands. The huge difference in price boils down to numerous factors, from size, material, proprietary technologies, nature of construction, and overhead costs, among other factors.


For homeowners sparing no expense, international mattress brands are the go-to. These mattresses command high prices due to superior materials and construction, shipping costs, as well as paying for their patented technologies, such as unique memory foam construction and cooling materials that prevent the mattress from getting too hot at night. That’s not to say that budget-conscious homeowners can’t find quality cheap mattresses in Singapore – it’s just a matter of taking some time to read trusted online reviews and sites, and finding the most competitively priced options for your needs.


Thirdly, decide on your preferred mattress construction. Most online mattresses in Singapore fall within two main varieties – spring and foam types. Spring mattresses include traditional Bonnell spring and more modern pocketed spring varieties, while foam mattresses include memory foam as well as regular foam. Other options exist as well, such as gel, latex, and foldable mattresses, offering various features such as portability and extra breathability to meet homeowners’ diverse needs.


Spring mattresses are the traditional option for cheap mattresses in Singapore, offering firmness and back support at affordable prices. Pocketed springs have grown in popularity, due to their bouncy feel and low movement transfer as you toss around naturally while sleeping. The individual springs also deliver pain and pressure relief for those with various back problems.


Foam mattresses come with a higher price tag, but are beloved for their ability to mold their shape to your temperature and weight, giving a sense of warmth and being hugged. In particular, memory foam also provides pain relief due to contouring to one’s body, as well as accommodates a variety of sleeping positions as well.


With a wealth of options, sizes, and prices, finding the right mattress has never been easier. Visit F3 to see our full range of online mattresses in Singapore.