As the place where we spend the most time each day, many of us go the distance to arrange and personalise our bedrooms. Yet, space in Singapore homes is at a premium, especially if you’re sharing the space with your other half too. Naturally, there has been a rise in creative ways and furniture options to squeeze extra storage while still keeping an overall elegant style and design. Here’s a guide to the furniture that helps you best maximise the storage space in your bedroom, ranging from modular wardrobes to storage beds.


Modular Wardrobes

A novel piece of furniture to most Singaporeans, modular wardrobes offer a major advantage over traditional wardrobes – they offer unrivalled flexibility and customisability for your storage requirements. Free standing wardrobes come in a fixed layout, which may be seen as a less efficient use of space.


Modular wardrobes come with pieces of plywood and numerous slots for them to be placed within the wardrobe, solving this problem handily. For example, you could utilise the space traditionally used to hang clothes, and then slot a piece of plywood midway through the wardrobe, along the grooves provided. This provides a space to place shoes or folded clothes, and you can partition both horizontally and vertically as well.


Just like regular wardrobes, modular wardrobes for bedrooms often come in sturdy wood options, with a wide variety of varnishes and designs. Many of these wardrobes also feature rail systems, customised lighting, and glass sliding doors, enhancing both aesthetics and convenience of storage. It also allows couples to clearly manage their own clothes and personal items, facilitating greater convenience and ease. You can easily buy these wardrobes online in Singapore too.


Storage Beds

Alongside modular wardrobes in bedrooms, storage beds are another popular option for maximising space. Storage beds are designed with a storage frame, allowing you to store bulky items within the bed space. They vary in design; with some storage beds tilting upwards to reveal storage space beneath the mattress, facilitating the storage of bulky and less frequently used items. Other storage beds feature pull-out drawers that allow you to store smaller items that you may use more frequently, or to toss inside at a moment’s notice.


While their name might invoke thoughts of clunky bed frames, storage beds are also crafted to the same high standards as regular bed frames and modular wardrobes, ensuring an elegant feel to your bedroom while still offering a great de-cluttering option for household members.


Chest of Drawers

Chest of Drawers are another great option to store your items in your bedroom. Modern drawers come in a great range and variety of shapes and arrangements. Many of these designs also offer different sized-drawers in their layout, particularly for the drawers closest to the top. This helps to maximise your space by allowing you to place your more-frequently used items, while the lower drawers are better for heavier and bulkier items.


In addition, many of these drawers come in a variety of tasteful wood construction, which allow them to perfectly complement your choice of modular wardrobe in your bedroom as well. You can also insert your own partitions within each drawer to facilitate proper separation and storage too.


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