Part 1: Your Pride & Joy


Ask most Singaporeans and they’ll tell you that their home is their greatest pride and joy. From young couples moving into their first BTO flat and learning about renovation and living room furniture; to parents upgrading to a more spacious and feature-filled residential space for their children – Singaporeans spend extensive money and effort in sprucing up their homes.


And with good reason – property prices in Singapore are some of the highest in the world, taking second place to Hong Kong in 2019. Another reason is that Singaporeans treasure the bonds of family and community. In light of COVID-19 and with work from home and extended time indoors, there’s really no place like home to stay safe and secure with loved ones.


With most Singaporeans living in regular HDB flats, the best way of self-expression is through one’s home decor and furnishing. From living room furniture to picking a dining set, Singaporeans are spoilt for choice to express their style and personality. From rustic and cosy feels for the homely person, a sleek and chic design for rising young executives, or a minimalist layout for purity and peace; local furniture retailers are here to cater to your unique needs.


In this article, we cover key areas from living rooms to dining spaces and bedrooms, along with tips to consider for choosing the right furniture to help your home stand out.


Part 2: The Living Room


The living room is the heart of any home, and a place of bonding; with family over shared activities, or chilling with good company and conversation. As the first sight that greets everyone from the front door, the living room plays a pivotal role in setting the mood, atmosphere and style of the rest of your home. Learn more about choosing seating options, table choices and various furnishings.


2.1 Sofas & Seating

For most Singapore homes, the sofa set is a timeless anchor piece for the living room – often the most expensive singular piece of furniture and the most used. They come in an incredible range of colours, fabrics, shapes and sizes for any home.


Picking the right sofa set can be an intimidating affair for first-time Singaporean homeowners – with many things to consider such as comfort, colour, upholstery and durability. The main choices are between leather and fabric sofas; each bringing their own benefits. Comfort-wise, fabric sofas absorb less heat, and their softer textile quality makes them a superior choice to leather sofas. They often come in much more eye-catching colours and patterns, and can match a variety of decors and paint schemes.



In terms of durability, leather (and faux-leather) sofa sets edge out fabric ones, especially with pets and children in the house. Both leather and faux-leather weather unsightly scratch marks and doodles better, and also endures colour fading better than fabric sofas. Ultimately, the choice is based on your individual home needs and context.


Homeowners seeking a luxuriant yet durable choice would go well with faux leather sofa sets. They give a similar aesthetic to leather ones, being vegan-friendly while still standing up to pets and young children. In addition, it is more affordable than genuine leather sofas, and does not stain easily as well.


For homeowners seeking a minimalist and elegant style, a simple grey sofa set does wonders for any Singapore home. Against a backdrop of white paint or wallpaper, and with a  tastefully patterned carpet, modestly coloured sofa sets form a classy centerpiece for your home. It’s a great option for younger couples and singles who find themselves hosting fellow guests of a similar age, creating a refined yet relaxing atmosphere to unwind.


In contrast, a wooden sofa brings out the rustic and down-to-earth feels in a home, offering a retreat from the busyness of life. There are numerous choices of wood to make sofa sets, based on quality and price. Budget-friendly options in Asia often make use of rubberwood, an environmentally-friendly option. Hardwoods sofas are the premium choice, coming with a hefty price tag but delivering impeccable quality and longevity.



An option that’s growing in popularity is the sofa bed, which is easily foldable into a bed and back into a sofa. It’s perfect for no-frills couples who enjoy Netflix before falling asleep. Multi-functional sofa beds offer an alternative to traditional bedrooms, especially when space is at a premium. They also double up as an extra bed, bringing a comfier rest for guests staying over.


With so many options available, it can be a tiring affair to pick and choose the right one for your home. Click to see our full range of sofa sets for Singaporean homes.


Other seating options can perfectly supplement your sofa set, especially when large numbers of guests come over for gatherings. from lounge chairs to stools, perfect for hosting large gatherings in a flexible manner.



Storage stools are great in a variety of homes, particularly space-constrained ones, doubling up as a space to store items while still offering a comfy and movable seating option. Leather benches and ottomans provide additional seating, with storage options being available as well. They come in a variety of colours and designs to complement your main living room style. Drop by our page to see our full collection of living room furniture.


2.2 Coffee Tables

Just as sofa sets are the centrepiece of a living room, the coffee table is an equally essential companion to the sofa. Crafted in wood, glass or plastic; the coffee table is far more than just a place to place drinks, remotes and decorations. With elements such as shape, size and material, Singapore homeowners have much to consider when purchasing a coffee table for their living room.


A coffee table should complement the sofa in your living room. Most sofa sets are horizontally shaped, so oval or rectangular-shaped coffee tables are ideal for complementing them. For other sofa designs, such as sectional or L-shaped sofas, a rounded or square shaped coffee table would be optimal.


Rounded designs have the advantage of being a welcome place for communal eating, along with having no sharp edges, a necessity for families with young kids. Rectangular designs offer the most space for placing stuff, as well as offering a more modern vibe. Contemporary coffee table designs, such as uniquely-shaped and asymmetrical tables, are also a great option for the avant-garde style. Combining glass and metal, or carved out of solid wood, these tables are growing in popularity, especially among younger Singapore homeowners.



After deciding on a shape, material is next. Most home decor setups feature shiny marble coffee tables. Besides being beautiful and durable, it never goes out of style – although it does require proper care and to avoid spills and scratches. Granite coffee tables are another option, being more durable and scratch-resistant and giving a unique look with its colouration.


Wood is a classic choice for complimenting sofa sets, with various designs available to complement minimalistic and rustic feels. Glass taps on its transparency to make living spaces seem bigger than they are, hence being a great choice for small spaces. They are easy to clean, although care must be taken to not scratch the glass as well.


Side tables are also a popular option; combining a few small side tables of varying heights to form a makeshift coffee table. Taking up less space, they bring a new element into living rooms where space is a premium, and encourage expression of your own shape and style.


Drop by and see our full range of coffee tables. With a wide selection of materials and shapes, you’re sure to find one that perfectly suits your living room.


2.3 Other Furnishings

Beyond sofa sets and coffee tables, numerous other living room furniture play essential roles in beautifying your living space. TV consoles provide a place to mount home theatre setups or set-top boxes around your TV, and shelves provide convenient stashing of books and decorations. Some homes also opt to have shoe cabinets within the house for convenience and security, or benches near the front door for guests to comfortably put on their footwear.


For minimalist styles, less is more. Living room furniture does away with gaudy decorations and bulky cabinets, opting instead for clean-lined furniture in whites and greys, along with multi-purpose furniture to create a clean and calming space. Being clutter-free using furniture such as storage stools and divider cabinets create room to showcase decorations while not detracting from the overall style.



Homeowners who have space constraints can adopt various ideas, such as a full length-mirror to increase the perceived volume of your living room, using divider panels to create privacy and partitions without walls, and a tasteful application of shelving to curate books and decorations. Adding textures and patterns through flooring and wall mounted prints can help to create unique designs and express oneself.


In addition, shoe cabinets don’t merely have to be functional, but they can add to the overall first impressions of guests when they first enter and take off their footwear. From decorative enclosed wooden cabinets, to simple and study metallic shoe racks, choose a design that complements your style while sturdily storing your shoe collection.


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Part 3: The Dining Space


Beyond the living room, the dining space is a place of fellowship and intimacy – for parents to spend quality time with children over meals, couples enjoying a romantic date night, and enjoyable catch-ups with guests over home-cooked food.


With the traditional concept of a walled dining room dropped in favour of an open-concept dining space and kitchen, a good dining set and a well-furnished kitchen makes a strong statement for your Singapore home. Besides complementing the living room, a dining space can still be functional too – be it a place for children to do homework, or catching up with friends after meals over drinks. Here are some ideas on how to spruce up your dining and kitchen space.



3.1 Dining Space

Traditionally, dining sets come with a table and 4 chairs. It offers the best usage of table space and is ideal for families with children, or couples hosting a few guests. For homeowners planning to either stay small or size up, dining tables and chairs are also sold separately. Particularly for Singapore homeowners who face shrinking apartment sizes, how much space to allocate for a dining set is a frequent concern.


There are numerous things to consider when picking your dining set. From measuring both table-to-wall and table-to-furniture clearance; to the optimal number of seats to fit your table shape and still having enough space for comfortable eating. Generally, round tables are preferred for dining sets, given the equal distance between each seated person and the food, as well as being economical for space. Rectangular dining tables are better for larger crowds when serving meals, as well as complementing long and narrow room layouts.


A square table combines the best of both shapes – making the food equally in reach of all guests, while complementing a square shaped room layout. Some modern designs also feature an extendable dining table with rounded edges; perfect for accommodating an extra guest, and can be stowed away when not in use.


Dining sets come in various material options as well. Wood is a classic choice that never goes out of fashion, complementing a range of styles and decors, especially if your living room exudes a rustic vibe. Glass-topped tables are elegant and sleek, and helps to make the dining space appear more spacious. They’re popular for minimalist styles and modern homes. Another choice is metal, which thrives in contemporary and industrial themed homes as well.



A popular alternative to dining chairs are benches – which maximise space due to the lack of chair arms, allowing them to be neatly tucked away underneath the dining table when not in use. In addition, they are sturdy and easy to maintain, and provide a more communal vibe when eating together with friends and family. Other things to consider include a complimentary rug and proper lighting above the dining set – to help convey the mood you desire.


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3.2 Kitchen Cabinets

Modern apartments often do away with walled kitchens, adopting an open-style concept where food preparation is visible from the dining table. It’s great for hosts, who can interact and engage with their guests while preparing meals – not to mention the mouth-watering aromas of the freshly prepared food.


More than before, the kitchen aesthetic has to complement the rest of the house too, which includes the choice of kitchen cabinets. It is important to buy a durable and long-lasting cabinet, especially since it will experience constant wear and tear as you open and close doors or open drawers while preparing meals.


Choosing a kitchen cabinet depends on various factors, beginning with the storage space you require, the frequency of cooking, and the kind of food you will prepare. Wood is the predominant choice for cabinet construction, due to it complementing a wide range of styles. The choice of wood, colour and grain type and door design are just some of the things to consider for a cabinet.



Most kitchen cabinets have a combination of both doors and drawers. Drawers offer an economical use of space, allowing better storage of pots and pans and providing easier sorting and access. Doors are more aesthetically pleasing, especially for upper cabinets with glass panels to display cutlery and condiments. Open shelf cabinets are another popular feature for modern houses, being a more expansive, affordable and attractive option to regular enclosed cabinets.


Check out our full range of kitchen offerings and see what fits you best!


Part 4: The Bedroom


In contrast to living and dining spaces, the bedroom is all about privacy, comfort, and intimacy. But that doesn’t mean it can’t complement the general theme of your house too. See how you can achieve a balance of comfort and class in your choices of mattresses, bed frames and storage.


4.1 Mattresses & Bed Frames

Few things are as therapeutic as returning to a comfortable bed at the end of a tiring work day. Comprising both mattress and bed frame; the bed forms the centerpiece of the bedroom. Naturally, picking a good mattress is key, along with the bed frame to support and provide an aesthetic look.


With many Singapore showrooms remaining closed or limiting shoppers, it’s time to start looking online to find the right mattress. What should you consider when picking a mattress? Size is definitely a key factor to fit in your bedroom, along with bed usage – a queen-sized bed works fine for couples, but a king-sized one might be better for parents sleeping with their young child. Price-wise, many homeowners prefer to invest in a good quality and long-lasting mattress, since you’ll use it almost every night!


One of the biggest dilemmas for homeowners is choosing between foam or spring mattresses. Spring mattresses offer proper support and strong bounce through numerous coiled springs, and come in both traditional Bonnell spring options and modern pocket spring ones delivering improved comfort. Foam mattresses rely on trapped air to offer a similar performance of support and bounce. Memory foam mattresses mold to your body’s contours, being softer and great for pain relief, while latex foam offers greater firmness and pressure relief.


Generally, foam mattresses are more durable, although they can make you feel warmer due to trapping heat. Spring mattresses offer more bounce, but can gradually lose it over time with natural wear and tear. Other options include foldable mattresses – perfect for budget-conscious homeowners, or simply as a spare mattress to host guests temporarily. With a wide variety of mattresses available online, Singaporeans can easily find the right one for their home.



A mattress isn’t complete without a bed frame too, and here’s where your sense of style comes into play. Of course, the essentials have to be considered, such as the bed frame supporting both the size and weight of your mattress; as well as fitting nicely into your bedroom.


From there, a wide variety of bed frames are available; from classic wooden beds to modern fabric beds, and even themed children’s beds. Space-conscious homeowners will appreciate the compactness and multi-purpose nature of storage beds for keeping their bedroom tidy. 3-in-1 bed frames have a pull-out mattress from below, offering additional sleeping space in the same compact frame, perfect for guests to stay at night.


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4.2 Storage

Beyond sleeping arrangements, the bedroom also stores your personal belongings, from clothing to valuables and mementos. From wardrobes to nightstands, they help organise your life the way you like, while still conveying the style you seek.


For a minimalist and space-saving approach, modular wardrobes are a great addition to Singapore homes. By allowing users to add or remove various elements, they offer the flexibility of various configurations to suit various needs, be it extra rails to hang dresses and suits, or extra shelves to place folded clothes. You can also customise lighting options, such as LEDs, to light up its interior and make it more vibrant. They also fit in your modular bedroom regardless of size, compared to free-standing wardrobes.



Beyond modular wardrobes, traditional sliding and hinged wardrobes are a classic element to every home. Sliding wardrobes do away with the need for space clearance when swinging open the door. However, hinged wardrobes can be installed in room corners, making greater use of bedroom space.


Modern dressing tables and nightstands are timeless companions to every bedroom. It’s important to pick the right height for your bedside table – being easy to reach out for items while lying on your bed. Ideally, it should provide a balance of storage space and function, while also complementing the style of your bed frame and your room.


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A well-furnished home goes a long way, not just for self-expression, but to rest and recharge for the challenges ahead. Be inspired by F31’s our wide collection, from living room furniture to dining sets and mattresses – perfect for Singapore’s homeowners across all walks of life.