The start of a new year is always a good opportunity to purchase new furniture for your home. However, the global state of affairs finds furniture retailers forced to close their physical showrooms to customers, leaving online retail the main option for purchasing new furniture. As we shift to online shopping, here are 5 handy ways to make the best decisions when purchasing furniture online in Singapore.


1. Read up on product reviews.

Just like many of us would read up on reviews of electrical appliances, it makes sense to read up on the pieces of furniture that you desire to buy from an online furniture store in Singapore. Be it comparing between types of wood or sofa upholstery, many online groups and furniture design websites offer a huge repertoire of third-party reviews for extensive comparison and helping to inform your decision.


Most online furniture retailers also display reviews from past customers on each product’s respective page, including photos and write ups to help prospective buyers have a fair idea of what they will expect before buying.


2. Measure your home dimensions.

A physical showroom allows you to actually touch and feel various furniture pieces, giving you a good gauge of how it would fit in your home. In contrast, buying furniture online in Singapore means that you have to do the actual measuring according to the dimensions stated online. The last thing you would want to do is to purchase a lovely sofa online, only to find that your living room does not have enough space to place it. In addition, measuring helps you properly allocate ample space when arranging for multiple pieces of furniture, helping to make your space aesthetic and practical.


3. Check for shipping and assembly costs.

In the competitive field of retail, the majority of online furniture retailers will offer shipping and assembly services in addition to selling furniture. Many offer complimentary delivery and assembly of furniture pieces with a minimum expenditure, as well as giving you an estimated date of arrival for your purchases.


Do note that some online furniture retailers may be unable to deliver to certain hard-to-get locations, while others may charge a flat fee for assembly regardless of the amount you have purchased. Most online furniture stores in Singapore have a handy customer service hotline that you can dial to follow up on the status of your order.


4. Inspect your furniture immediately on delivery.

Compared to physical showrooms where you can inspect the furniture before you bring it home, online furniture delivery does not offer that option. Thankfully, most reputable online furniture stores in Singapore have a proper refund policy in addition to selling quality products, allowing you to either get a full refund or a brand new piece replaced without any extra charge.


It is crucial to inspect and test your furniture upon delivery, looking out for breakages, cracks, chip-offs, or unfinished patches. In addition, note that certain types of made-to-order furniture, such as sofas and bed frames, may not be eligible for exchanges or cancellations.


5. Take your time to decide on a purchase.

It can be very tempting to buy first and decide later, especially if a big-ticket piece of furniture is heavily discounted during a limited-time online furniture store sale in Singapore. However, the last thing you would want is a piece of furniture that doesn’t match your style, colour arrangement, or even the physical space of your home.


Do take the time to compare between different designs, models, and even different retailers. Quality furniture will last you for many years, and it’s essential that none of your purchases be filled with regret.


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