True to its name, the living room helps one live life to the fullest; be it intimate moments with your partner, watching TV with your family, or having friends over for a catch-up, It’s the first sight that greets people upon entering your home, and hence it’s no surprise that much attention goes into planning, decorating, and furnishing it.


With numerous living room ideas and styles to consider, it can be intimidating to start decorating and furnishing, especially for Singapore couples moving into their first HDB flat. Here are 5 essential living room furniture that should be present in every home.


1. Sofa Set

The sofa set forms the largest and most expensive piece in Singapore homes, and with good reason. Beyond a comfortable place to rest after a day’s work, a sofa set should be aesthetically pleasing, durable and withstanding constant wear and tear.


A common question homeowners have is deciding between a leather or a fabric sofa. Beyond choosing the option that matches the style of your home, both feature different benefits too. Leather is a timeless choice, complementing many styles while trapping less allergens and being more durable. Fabric sofas have more vibrant colours and patterns, while also being softer and warmer.


2. Coffee Table

While the sofa set is important, the coffee table is the other half to complement it. More than just for placing decorations and drinks, they bring diverse aesthetics to Singapore homes through varying constructions, shapes and designs.


Finding the right coffee table for your home can be a challenge. You have to decide on the material – be it wood, glass, or marble. There’s also functionality, such as having foldable features and drawers, along with its shape – rectangular shapes facilitate smaller layouts, while rounded ones are safer for families with kids. A good rule of thumb is to get a coffee table that’s two-thirds the size of your sofa set, leaving sufficient space and legroom.


3. Seating

Besides sofa sets, most living rooms feature other forms of seating, especially for homeowners who host guests frequently. Seating ideas are diverse; featuring classic chairs that can be easily moved around, cushioned benches for comfortably hosting more guests, stools that double up as storage, and cushy bean bags that allow guests to get comfy.


Creative Singapore homeowners can use the vibrance from seating options to further the style set by the sofa set and the coffee table, while also being a talking point based on their uniqueness and design.


4. Shelves

A living room needs character, and shelves are a convenient, multi-purpose feature that fill this role admirably. From displaying photos and mementos, to storing books and magazines; shelves also help tie up spaces in the living room, creating contrast between different sections, based on their constructed material and the items they display.


Shelves provide added utility to the living room through storing various items, freeing up more space in the rest of your house. This is particularly beneficial for homeowners with a smaller space to work with too.


5. Dividers

Dividers thrive in smaller-sized homes, acting as both storage and a partition to demarcate areas within a home. They’re perfect for open-home concepts, where the living room is connected to the dining space. Some dividers also double up as feature cabinets, allowing you to display prized possessions while also subtly creating separation.


Dividers come in both wood and metal; often featuring a heavy use of glass to maximise the inner space of a home. Together with shelves, dividers maximise your storage space, making your living room look larger and aesthetically pleasing.


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