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Latex is a white milky liquid, a stable dispersion of rubber particles in water. Natural latex is harvested from the rubber trees Havea Brasiliensis, which are grown in tropical climate plantations around the world, including South-East Asia, parts of Africa and South America.The trees are not harmed and therefore provide a sustainable and renewable resource. In fact, the natural liquid latex is a commodity and is publicly traded in stock markets.

The latex is collected in buckets and shipped to large rubber factories where it is transformed into latex foam. Natural latex is ‘white gold’ – white milk extracted from the rubber tree that can be turned into very comfortable and useful products- tyres, gloves and in our case mattresses and pillows.

Second, latex is an extremely flexible and elastic material. Latex is not too soft and not too hard. Its natural resilience means it offers resistance to a sleeper’s weight in every body position and always returns to its initial shape. This is called ‘progressive comfort’ – the higher the pressure exerted on it, the greater the support it provides. Latex responds instantly to every your movement and adapts to the body contours, keeping your back and spine perfectly straight if you sleep on your side or in their natural double-S position if you sleep on your back.

The excellent elasticity of latex supports the body’s natural movements, which is a very important condition for revitalising sleep as a healthy sleeper changes his or hers physical posture up to 60 times a night. Latex also provides great pressure relief and muscle relaxation, which makes it easier to fall asleep and also improves circulation, resulting in less tossing and turning.Proper support is essential if you are suffering from back problems or recovering from a serious injury, but it will also ensure that you never experience that stiff, uncomfortable feeling when you wake up in the morning.

Latex has great point elasticity meaning it compresses only in the point of contact. As a bonus, this means that two people can share a bed without disturbing each other when they move in the night, even if one partner is heavier than the other. It doesn’t squeak either, so there’s minimal chance of one of you waking the other up if you need to get up in the middle of the night!As well as being very elastic, latex is incredibly durable.

Latex is up to 20 times more durable than standard polyurethane foams. The strength of the latex material allows the manufacturers to offer strong guarantees for their products and assures maximum value for consumers. This means they represent an excellent long-term investment and won’t require any upkeep, other than occasionally airing, flipping and rotating them to keep them fresh.

One of the main concerns with bedding today is being too hot when we sleep; it is uncomfortable and interrupts the quality of our sleep. Fortunately, the open cell structure of latex mattresses means that they are highly ‘breathable’ – they don’t retain heat in the same way other designs do, as the air inside them is able to circulate freely.

As a result, you won’t find yourself throwing open windows and sleeping on top of the bedding during the hot summer months in an effort to stay cool. All this is in stark contrast to the popular memory foam mattresses. These are made entirely of synthetic materials (mainly plastics), retain a lot of heat and, as the name implies, have ‘memory’ or slow recovery properties. As a result, they will never be able to offer you the instant comfort and support and the natural breathability of a high quality latex mattress.

Latex is anti-bacterial, anti-dust mite, and resistant to mould and mildew. This makes latex mattresses ideal for people with allergies. Indeed, when latex is manufactured, it is vulcanised at more than 110 degrees for around fifty minutes to kill off all the most common allergens, so a latex mattress is the ideal choice for asthmatics, or those with similar respiratory conditions. This vulcanisation process also means that even people who would normally be allergic to the latex used in latex gloves, for example, can enjoy one of these mattresses without any cause for concern about suffering a reaction.Latex is also toxin-free – you simply cannot find a healthier and safer bedding material.

Natural Latex Mattress 10.5 inch Thickness

Anti -mite & Antibacterial Knitted Fabric

High Density Foam

Premium Density Foam

Non – Woven Fabric

Natural Latex

High Density Foam

Felted Wool

Pocketed Spring System

Felted Wood


Spacer Fabric

Free Delivery

Ofeno Acoustic Natural Latex M 1701



Hardwood internal support

Flat joint plywood mattress support base

Quality Fabric Leather upholstery

Foam padded divan - sides and base

Comes with 2-inch fibre plastic leg as show picture 1 Ref


Total Length - 191cm

Headboard Thickness – 17cm

Headboard Height- 107 cm

Divan Thickness – 20 cm

6 months warranty against manufacturer defects

Free delivery and Free installation

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